Case Study – I

Create a Cash Management product set appropriate for a ‘mixed’ market


Leverage technology to create and deliver a suite of Cash Management solutions, tailored to all sectors and segments of the target market, yet based on the traditional payment, collection and account management functions.

Current Scenario:

Customers are offered mostly local and international payments and account information, they are then expected to initiate and transmit their transactions as per bank standards.

All preparation activities, such as transaction initiation, reconciliation and follow-up are performed by all customers without distinction on user profile or and product used.

Proposed Solution:

eTreasurer©, the advanced technology solution from Cash Management Matters, creates unique product propositions and extensions that provide tailored customer experience, consistent with the user profile and product utilised.

The basic Cash Management product set is enhanced with a host of extensions, available through technology to create a range of solutions, each one for a specific use/application and target market.

Features and Benefits:

The most important benefit of creating customer/user specific Cash Management solution sets is their incorporation into their processing cycle, thereby becoming part of their internal operation.

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