Case Study – II

Real-time alternative cash-flow scenario evaluation leading to transaction recommendations for Corporate Treasurers.


Through multiple bank and market information provider connectivity in real time, recommend Liquidity and/or Foreign Exchange actions that maximise cash flow performance.

Current scenario:

Corporate Treasurers rely on separate sources for bank account status, market information and cash flow projections from their ERP to arrive at appropriate actions to maximise current and projected cash flow performance, often a laborious task performed manually.

Market volatility is mitigated through forward contracts or through continuous assessment and action on the spot market.

Clearly, in volatile market conditions, wide fluctuations within a short time period can result in losses or additional future expense to ‘cover’ a position.

Cash Management Matters Proposed solution:

With extensive experience in the Corporate Treasury, CMM created a three-feed engine, the Global Treasury Monitor, which, in real time, monitors bank account status, account receivables and payables, as well as the current market status, to arrive at recommendations on transactions that either maximise cash flow performance.

It should be noted that the Global Treasury Monitor design is an innovative breakthrough in corporate treasury management and a patent with the European Union patent office was applied in March 2002.

Currently the European Union, Framework 6, Information Systems Technology initiative is evaluating the Global Treasury Monitor as an appropriate vehicle for future mobile computing technologies.

Feature and benefits of Global Treasury Monitor

The main benefit is the automatic, in real-time, information to the treasurer on the actual value of cash holdings across different currencies and time scales. No longer does information from multiple banks need to be downloaded into a spreadsheet, information on receivables and payables incorporated, before market pricing results in actual positions.

All these, plus recommendations are performed in real-time by the Global Treasury Monitor.

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