CMM Technology Platforms


CMM has designed a core capability, the eTreasurer© that is adopted for each specific case and client priority. eTreasurer© is a ‘cutting edge’ .NET based technology platform hosting a series of capabilities that are ultimately ‘white-labelled’ and configured with the desirable set of Cash, Liquidity & Trade Management product offerings while enforcing the latest Anti-Money Laundering standards. eTreasurer© is by design configurable and can help you define new methodologies in dealing with domestic or international payments, collections, trade, liquidity management account control.

Eagle Eye©

The CMM technology team boasts many years experience in designing approved systems for detecting internal and external fraud and producing appropriate evidence of wrong-doing.

Our Fraud Detection and Elimination, Eagle Eye© solution is a maximum level IV facility that utilises behaviour detection technology to effectively uncover internal or external fraudulent transactions within four main areas:

  • Identity theft
  • Transaction alteration
  • Trader abuses
  • Financial marketplace inequities


CMM’s principles have had long association with credit line management solutions in a multi-geography environment.

Using our expertise in this field we have created the NetAsset© solution, designed exclusively for Financial Institutions to monitor and control credit lines across different client segments, products, services and geographies.

Recognising that Financial Institutions have unique ways to allocate and manage credit facilities information, CMM’s NetAsset© is an effective monitoring and MIS tool that eliminates back-log, bringing faster solutions to implementation.

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